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Packages for old ZyXEL NSA atelle

A few months ago, ZyXEL decided to turn off their FTP server that is used to serve Firmware/Packages to older NAS devices. This would result in an empty packages list, like the picture below.

(Click on the picture for full size)

This will break many functions of the device, including enabling SSH, that can be used to update SMB1 to SMB2, and make the device usable on Windows 10 and newer. To resolve this issue, i have gathered all packages, that can be downloaded from one of the links below. Just add all the files to the folder named zy-pkgs and click on "Retrieve List From Internet". All packages will now be available to install, as shown in the picture below.

(Click on the picture for full size)

Direct Download (Alternative):

TAGS: zy-pkgs NSA325 NSA310 Retrieve List From Internet Currently, there are no packages. Please use "Retrieve List From Internet" to update package list.

26 Jan 2023, 17:08 Published
Developement site atelle

I have created a new website that i use to test out features before publishing them to my website.
This site is available at

This site may lack some of the features in production, but makes it easier for me to develop the site and keep it up to date.

16 Jan 2023, 18:39 Published
First Post! atelle

This is the first post on my new website!
My old website can be found at

08 Jan 2023, 08:00 Published

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